We’re pioneering a way to make beef healthier — with heart-healthy omega 3’s.

We’ve developed a way to raise cattle on feed containing the same type of algae that ocean fish eat. As cows eat, they store up the omega 3’s. You get the healthy benefits of a fish diet every time you eat Omega3Beef.

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We’re leading the evolution of the beef industry. But we need your help.

In two major studies, we’ve had amazing results — cattle that produce beef with omega 3 levels similar to halibut and mahi mahi. With your monetary support, we’ll be able to gain approval from FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM).



Support Omega3Beef now … and enjoy our gift of Omega3Beef!

From the cattle in our test, we will prepare and freeze a limited supply of heart-healthy premium- and quality-cut steaks and HeartBurger™ patties. Once we are approved by CVM (we expect by early Fall 2014), we’ll send you a gift box of Omega3Beef in thanks for your support!

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